Location: Torres del Paine, Chile; San Pedro de Atacama, Chile; Misiones, Argentina


Go: Interested in heading to Chile and viewing spectacular sites of the Torres del Paine Mountain Range? Or have interest in soaking in the hot tub, enjoying a drink by the fire in a secluded Private Reserve? AWASI could be a Go and Do Good™ hotel perfect for you!

Guests at AWASI have access to off-the-beaten path hiking trails that lead to superb wildlife viewing spots. You can also retreat back in one of the fourteen private villas that is wood- felled and hammered which may seem rustic but it’s actually quite cozy.

All villa rentals include a private guide and a 4WD vehicle for nature-filled excursions that AWASI has to offer. You could also choose to kick back and enjoy local and native foods to the Chile region prepared by their master chef instead.

There may be no other hotel that feels more remote or gets you closer to nature. If you are interested in seeing and interacting with wildlife in their element (and feeling good about it!), this is the hotel for you!

And Do Good: While AWASI conducts many activities to conserve its natural habitat and be eco-friendly, it also cares a lot about the local people. AWASI is situated around four neighboring Guaraní people communities and the hotel contributes a lot back to them.

To get involved in this community, the hotel formed The AWASI Foundation which offers a series of collaborations that run throughout the year as well private visits into their community.

Even more uniquely, AWASI fund a weekly art workshop at their local school which previously lacked an art teacher for the children. During these workshops, they arrange for a range of artists to participate to give the children tools for self-expression and creativity.

AWASI guests are invited to take part in basketry demonstrations and to visit the local Guaraní community.

To book your stay at AWASI in Patagonia, Chile, Atacama, Chile or Iguazú in Argentina and to Go and Do Good™, book directly at:

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