magdas HOTEL

Location: Vienna, Austria


Go: If you’re visiting Vienna, Austria, this seventy-eight room hotel provides the perfect place to rest after a day of exploring. The magdas HOTEL is fresh, open-minded and bold, and is described in one word as being “easy-going”.

Located in the perfect middle of the green Prater and the Danube Canal, magdas HOTEL is surrounded by greenery and at the same time the pulse of the city. The eclectic, upcycling vibe equips the rooms with recycled furniture including hand-knitted lampshades, vintage armchairs and wardrobes that could previously be found in the compartment of the Austrian Federal Railway trains.

Enjoy the local breakfast buffet for an upcharge before heading out on your day of exploring and shopping, as magdas HOTEL is located near many famous shopping districts.

A stylish lounge, cafe, library and garden bring tourists, neighbors, park visitors, the local creative scene and students together. Dinners mean the hotel is always alive with the exchange of ideas.

And Do Good: What’s really special about this Austrian hotel: the staff is made up of emigrants from around the world. Run by twenty former refugees and fifteen hotel professionals, in cooperation with artists, architects and students, magdas HOTEL is something different. In Austria, it is difficult to find work with a refugee background, and so they are employed by magdas HOTEL to highlight their skills, talents, languages and cultural backgrounds.

Sixteen nationalities and over twenty foreign languages are represented by staff as the magdas HOTEL. For this reason and many others, the hotel is a leader in the travel industry for solving social problems with economic means. Such good work!

To book your stay at magdas HOTEL and to Go and Do Good™, book directly at:

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