YWCA Hotel Vancouver

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Website: https://ywcavan.org/hotel

Go: Planning a trip to Vancouver? Consider Vancouver’s best choice for comfort and affordability and feel really good about it!

YWCA Hotel Vancouver is Vancouver is expanding to provide even more options but its current 155-room non-smoking facility continually surprises guests with extra that you wouldn’t expect. In addition to its fantastic downtown Vancouver location, it offers wonderful features and amenities and some of the most helpful staff in the city!

If you’re traveling on a budget to Vancouver, this hotel is for you with some rooms offering fully-equipped kitchens to make meal prep cheaper and easier. YWCA Hotel Vancouver is also extremely child-friendly with their “YWCA Hotel Magic Suitcase” encouraging a child to select a toy upon check-in.

If you’re traveling with a large family, YWCA Hotel Vancouver offers room sizes up to quint rooms, which is a space providing five individual beds. There is no better, affordable option in downtown Vancouver than YWCA Hotel Vancouver.

And Do Good: YWCA Hotel Vancouver is a mission-related social enterprise providing affordable accommodations for all travelers and generating revenue that sustains YWCA Metro Vancouver’s community service work.

When you stay at the YWCA Hotel Vancouver, you are directly supporting the many women, children and families who need their services each week.

They are part of the non-profit YWCA Metro Vancouver, which offers programs and services which help lift women and families out of poverty. These programs and services also provide the best start for children and create new opportunities for education, employment and leadership. From early learning and child care to housing, health and fitness and employment services, YWCA Metro Vancouver touches lives throughout the Vancouver community.

To book your stay at YWCA Hotel Vancouver and to Go and Do Good™, book directly at: https://ywcavan.org/hotel

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