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Location(s): Berlin, Germany; Cologne, Germany; Düsseldorf, Germany, Frankfurt, Germany; Hamburg, Germany; Munich, Germany; Paris, France; Vienna, Austria; Zurich, Switzerland, Copenhagen, Denmark

Website: Berlin, Germany; Cologne, Germany; Düsseldorf, Germany; Frankfurt, Germany; Hamburg, Germany; Munich, Germany; Paris, France; Vienna, Austria; Zurich, Switzerland; Copenhagen, Denmark

Go: Each and everyone of 25hours hotels tells a unique story. Their mission as a retro and hip hotel company is to create soulful places and memories and they achieve that mission by liking people, being passionate and by searching for the unconventional.

Choose a hotel in one of their “cool cities”, as they refer to them, and experience for yourself in every 25hours hotels location from food to drinks to interior concept details how they are going beyond the traditional hotel styling. They develop individual, made to measure hotels with personality in lively locations.

In Frankfurt, for example, you can choose between 25hours hotels‘ two locations, The Trip and The Goldman, for a satisfying yet exciting overnight stay. At The Trip, you are placed in the main station of Frankfurt where day-adventurous trips are at your disposal. For help while exploring, 25hours hotels offers the city’s coolest speedsters (bicycles) to help you explore the city. At The Goldman, you will be immediately invited by their colorful living room in their artery in the creative section of town, Ostend. Here you can marvel over modern architecture and find nightly activities whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure.

25hours hotels are not just limited to Germany as they are continuously expanding to other areas in Europe and beyond, including soon-to-open Dubai. Their Paris location has African-inspired decor and colorful bursts throughout the lobby and rooms. This hotel, amongst others in the collection, also offers MINIs for your usage for travel by road in addition to bike exploration.

Several types of hotel rooms are offered at 25hours hotels, from a small option for a single, business traveler to an Extra-Plus room that will allow you a bit more space. Each hotel location offers a unique bar or restaurant concept ensuring that all guests have the provisions needed to enjoy their stay.

And Do Good: 25hours hotels support Viva con Agua WASH projects (WAter, Sanitation, Hygiene). A part of each online booking on their website goes towards supporting projects in Nepal and beyond. This project focuses strongly on local schools there and ensuring that they are equipped with appropriate water and sanitation facilities.

The constant accompanying theme alongside their WASH projects is ‘water for all, all for water’. Projects by help of the hotel are being run in Nepal, India, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso and Uganda through Viva con Agua. Since 2006, Viva con Agua has been able to raise around 12 million euros to finance water projects. Taking donations, along with a portion of each hotel overnight booking, 25hours hotels directly supports WASH and its projects globally.

To book your stay at any 25hours hotels and to Go and Do Good®, book directly at: http://25hours-hotels.com.

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