Lion Sands Reserve

Location: South Africa


Go: Located in the heart of Sabi Sand Game Reserve and Kruger National Park, Lion Sands Game Reserve is sure to enrich one’s soul. Lodges at the reserve offer stunning views, sensory comforts and intuitive service.

While there are many lodges to choose from, every traveler will find exactly what they are looking for at Lion Sands Game Reserve. River Lodge is the perfect choice for families, welcoming all guests ten and under. Narina Lodge, like the Narina Trojan bird after which it is named, is remote and peaceful, offering a tranquil setting. Tinga Lodge combines an old-fashioned and new energy twist to indulgence, providing stunning river views. Ivory Lodge offers the utmost privacy and exclusivity, from plunge pools to a spa. Hi’Nkweni Villa offers a wonderful accommodation for multigenerational groups of friends or families welcoming children. Finally, Fish Eagle Villa boasts two-bedroom villas specializing in personalized service.

Once your lodging has been booked, dive into the South African contemporary dishes provided by Lion Sands Game Reserve and pair with excellent South African wines. If traveling with children, be sure to enroll them in Mack & Madi Kids’ Adventure Explorers, a family experience that combines safari with child’s play. All members of the family will find something special for them at Lion Sands Game Reserve.

And Do Good: Lion Sands Game Reserve is a proud support of MORE Community Trust, a supporter of hotels that aim to empower their local people in a sustainable way.

Lion Sands Game Reserve is built on four pillars though the MORE program: education and skills development, enterprise development, improving living standards and access to clean water.

In addition to funding and running programs for their local community through MORE, Lion Sands Game Reserve invites hotel guests to volunteer through their Get Your Hands Dirty Program. These extraordinary volunteer experiences into the hearts of local South African peoples. Tours are also conducted for hotel visitors through local areas where MORE facilities are run and all proceeds from these tours go directly back to the program.

To book your stay at Lion Sands Game Preserve and to Go and Do Good®, book directly at:

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