The Heart Behind Go and Do Good®

“Why did you start a hotel directory?” is a common question that I’ve received in the past year. For those that I’ve just met through a one-time Instagram interaction or women that I’m meeting in our new state of South Carolina, I try to summarize my love for hotels and people in one simple concept: Go and Do Good®.

The highlight of my travel experiences since I can remember has been hotels. When my parents would share with me that we were headed on a trip to Japan or England or Hong Kong, I’d immediately start daydreaming what the hotel there would be like.

When we arrived, I’d walk around the hotel lobby, waving at all of the staff members and introducing myself my name. I’d collect tourist map brochures and take Polaroid pictures of the lobby, whilst tucking the hotel experience down deep into my heart. When we would arrive into the hotel room, I’d immediately throw on the oversized robe and slippers and sit down at the hotel desk, pressing “0” over and over to ask the operator about the hotel amenities.

As I became an adult, identifying a hotel wasn’t about finding somewhere to drop off my things before sightseeing, it was actually the opposite. I’d discover a hotel that I’d want to visit and then pick my sightseeing options around it.

No two hotels are the same, just like people. Each hotel has its own quirks, flair and vibrance, you just need to spend time at it to get to know it.

Once Logan and I committed our lives to the Lord and aimed to serve people, my view on hotels altered just a little where the experience was no longer just about me.

When I selected a hotel, I began to try to find a hotel that helped others in that local community or ones that gave back to a charity in some way. Selecting a hotel became a decision from the heart, not just a random selection of what looked good on the outside. The heart behind a hotel is what now matters most to me.

And so, in 2019, I developed, a directory of hotels that give back generously to charities, ministries and their local communities. No current publication or media outlet exists to give these hotels doing so much good credit and support for the good works they are doing and it is our prayer that we can help change that.

By choosing a Go and Do Good® hotel for your overnight stay, you can feel good knowing that a portion of your overnight stay cost goes towards helping someone around the world.

Hotels are still my happy place, just like they were for me as a child, and now I get to experience the joy that my little family feels when we first arrive to a hotel, too. The joy that we feel from supporting these wonderful missions and charities just by selecting a luxury hotel for our trips is hard to put into words.

By selecting a Go and Do Good® hotel from our directory for your stay, you can feel that same joy knowing that you’re doing so much good.

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