Chai Lai Orchid Hotel

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand


Go: Located about one hour from Chiang Mai, the Chai Lai Orchid Elephant Hotel has two idyllic properties. Live with elephants in our nature retreat featuring riverside bungalows, surrounded by lush tropical forest, or wake up with elephants above the clouds in a peaceful mountain retreat with stunning panoramic valley views from the top of the mountain. Both locations offer a signature elephant wake-up call!

Chai Lai Orchid River is the base camp for jungle treks and ethical elephant adventures. This location features individual bungalows, an on-site restaurant and private grounds that are home to a family of Asian elephants. Spend your days hiking to secret waterfalls, and bamboo rafting in the jungle. Bungalows feature thatched roofs, plentiful windows, jungle views and balconies. 

Chai Lai Mountain guests enjoy all of the usual ethical elephant activities plus the serene views of the entire valley below. It’s perfect for those seeking a peaceful retreat in a secluded eco-resort.  Enjoy rustic accommodation in teak wood and bamboo bungalows with authentic thatched roofs and panoramic views.

Enjoy various elephant-centric tours and jungle activities allowing you to escape into nature and have a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience. Although these locations are deep within the mountains, Chai Lai Orchid Elephant Hotel is only a one-hour drive from Chiang Mai airport.

And Do Good: Over the years, Chai Lai Orchid Elephant Hotel has rescued more than 15 elephants from abusive practices. They do not support the buying or selling of elephants so baby elephants get to stay with their mothers.

Because Chai Lai Orchid Elephant Hotel is a social business, they prioritize people over profit.  100% of our proceeds are donated to Daughters Rising, an anti-trafficking organization that helps at-risk women and girls. Through providing a safe home, education, and employment, we empower marginalized women to overcome intergenerational poverty and to uplift their communities.

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