Casa Gangotena

Location: Quito, Ecuador


Go: Step into the elegance and luxury of a bygone era at Casa Gangotena Boutique Hotel, located in the soul of Quito’s Old Town, a place for you to unwind, discover, and to dream. Casa Gangotena, a true icon of Ecuadorian history, is located in the heart of Quito just a few blocks away from the capital’s most iconic neighborhoods.

The rooms at Casa Gangotena in Quito, with both double and king-size beds, are arranged across all three of its floors. Remaining faithful to the design of the old house, rooms vary in size yet all of them remain quite spacious. All rooms benefit from the mansion’s tall, elegant ceilings which draw the bright Andean sunlight into their interiors.

Casa Gangotena Restaurant has developed its own creative take on signature cuisine. The restaurant aims to continuously explore and experiment with the flavors, scents, textures, and ancestral cooking techniques that make up Ecuador’s gastronomy and culture. At Casa Gangotena, you can expect breakfast, lunch, Café Quiteño (“high tea”), and dinner.

Enjoy the cobblestone streets, whitewashed houses adorned with intricate balconies and grand plazas are quintessential features of Quito, forever under the gaze of the winged Virgin statue that sits high up on the Panecillo Hill. Casa Gangotena is located in the heart of the world’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, surrounded by some of the most beautiful and historically-significant buildings and churches on the continent.

And Do Good: It wasn’t long after Casa Gangotena was purchased that the property began getting involved in several community projects. The hotel is conscious of the community that it is part of and actively seeks to cultivate the relationship with those around it. Since 2009, Casa Gangotena, in conjunction with neighboring, Casa del Alabado Museum, has financed the maintenance of the San Francisco Plaza’s public toilets. In the same year, the hotel began its involvement in several neighborhood projects, such as the award-winning community initiative, Heritage Guardians, which focuses on neighborhood integration, promoting the value of heritage, and at the same time establishing ‘routes’ for visitors to meet locals and experience their daily traditions and activities.

The hotel has a purchasing policy for all foods used as inputs for the restaurant: everything except for proteins are purchased within 6 blocks of the hotel. Proteins are excluded from this policy for food safety reasons, as our suppliers maintain strict cold chains.

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