Berghotel Ladinia

Location: Dolomites, Italy


Go: Enjoy this beautiful mountain lodge in the gorgeous Dolomites of Italy, which offers crisp air, forests and peaks overlooking the valley. This haven is for guests looking for peace and calm who want to explore what the mountains have to offer. Welcoming guests over ten years of age due to space capacity, Berghotel Ladinia is a cozy and intimate option for all couples.

Summer at Berghotel Ladinia offers invigorating walks, a multitude of climbs and a fantastic biking excursion. Enjoy a warm, scented tea to revitalize you as you go for a brisk stroll or enjoy the silence that Berghotel Ladinia offers in autumn. Right outside the door of the hotel in winter are the slopes, welcoming guests to enjoy the easy access to skiing. Nights can be spent fireside, indulging in the four course Ladin style menu. Spring offers fresh beginnings at Berghotel Ladinia, with waterfalls, flowers and trees to enjoy.

Guests can enjoy half board at Restaurant Ladinia or they can have a food-only credit of up to 40 euro per person per day to be used in one of the in-house restaurants at nearby sister hotel, La Perla.

And Do Good:  Berghotel Ladinia was started by the Costa family who run Costa Family Foundation, a group of people who manage together resources and funds so as to create concrete opportunities for good in the world, the force of individuals uniting and going beyond individual interests so as to give lifeblood to others.

Current projects being run by Costa Family Foundation include providing resources initiatives in education and wellness in Togo, Africa. In Uganda, the Foundation has been involved for several years in projects in the region of Karamoja to support the activity of the Sezibwa Demonstration Farm as well as contributing to the development of school teaching in the agricultural disciplines.

In addition, Costa Family Foundation is assisting in Ethiopia to distance youth from street life, from the risk of falling victim to kidnapping and micro-crime, from prostitution of minors, and from the abandonment of school life.

In Afghanistan, Costa Family Foundation supports Afghan women through the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan. In India, the Foundation has contributed to create the Tibetan Children’s Village, thought of for children refugees, and a convent which caters for more than eighty Indian girls. Good works are also being done in Nepal, where the Foundation has supported the starting up of a chicken run in the outskirts of Khatmandu after the area was devastated by an earthquake.

To book your stay at Berghotel Ladinia and to Go and Do Good®, book directly at:

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