Zuri Zanzibar

Location: Zanzibar, Tanzania

Website: https://www.zurizanzibar.com

Go: Located in Kendwa village, Zuri Zanzibar offers an amazing setting which provides visitors with a stunning white-sandy beach, turquoise waters and unforgettable sunsets. Experience Zuri‘s stunning range of accommodation: choose from 56 bungalows, suites and villas, all hidden in a large tropical garden within a short walk of the azure waters of the Indian Ocean.

All of Zuri’s 56 bungalows, suites and villas are fitted-out with a mix of stylish contemporary furniture and local artisanal features and artwork, ensuring a wonderful tropical experience of indoor and outdoor living, with rooms flowing seamlessly out to generous terraces surrounded by lush tropical gardens. Designed to provide the ultimate in coziness, the bungalows are equipped with a mix of contemporary and curated local furniture and decorated with a range of African artwork. 

The exclusive suites all enjoy a double-sized terrace, private outdoor jacuzzi, and a separate living room and bedroom, and offer the very best of Zuri Zanzibar‘s excellence.Set mainly in an exclusive oceanfront location with your own stretch of private beach and jacuzzi, the luxuriously appointed villas enable you to enjoy your own private paradise.

The magnificent natural setting provides the ideal backdrop to an exceptional dining experience, whether you choose to be on the beach, at the swimming pool, at one of Zuri Zanzibar’s beachfront restaurants, or in the privacy of your own accommodation.

Harmonize your body and soul and rejuvenate yourself with Zuri Zanzibar’s various wellbeing activities, such as yoga and meditation, massage, a walk or relaxation in the Spice Garden’s glades or through a physical workout in the outdoor “wild fitness” gym area.

And Do Good: Zuri Zanzibar is implementing several long-term initiatives together with communities, other companies and organizations for cleaner environment and ocean, and for promoting employment, education, and awareness in Zanzibar.

In Kendwa village, the education level is low, which means that jobs in the tourism sector tend to be filled by skilled people from elsewhere. At Zuri Zanzibar, the team has aimed to be inclusive right from the beginning, starting a tourism training in Kendwa project, together with the Jambiani Tourism Training Institute (JTTI) in 2015 in order to ensure that skilled young people will join the tram. Today Zuri Zanzibar has students working for their third year after completing their two-year education for a certificate in tourism and hospitality. Both the students and their trainers received a monthly stipend to allow them to focus on the training.

In 2016, Zuri Zanzibar started the ‘Keep Kendwa Clean!’ project together with Zanrec, a waste management company. For the last years, their funding has allowed Zanrec to operate the project and provide a healthier environment for the community. Education and the raising of awareness is a big part of this project. Trainings and discussions are organized in Kendwa village and in the primary school of Kilindi. 

Education of the children is at the heart of every community. By supporting the Kilindi primary and secondary school, Zuri Zanzibar is investing into the future of the community. Thanks to donations, both financial and monetary, the team has successfully opened an English and IT Club regularly ran by one of the experienced team members, and performed yoga classes by the Wellbeing team. To motivate the children, the team has rewarded the best students with a Mnemba snorkeling trip.

The hotel is currently working on the completion of the Kilindi Kindergarten for 70 preschoolers in collaboration with a European NGO as well as finishing the rooftop for the secondary school. In addition, Zuri Zanzibar has joined the community effort of building wells in the village and have provided an electricity connection to the primary school.

To book your stay at Zuri Zanzibar and to Go and Do Good®, book directly at: https://www.zurizanzibar.com.

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