Las Balsas

Location: Patagonia, Argentina


Go: Las Balsas, offering memorable moments in Patagonia, welcomes families with children over the age of six to enjoy their beautiful surroundings in Argentina. A trip to Las Balsas is all about memorable moments, with travelers being welcomed to experience the adventure, landscapes and cultures of Argentina.

Located in the middle of the Andes, The Lake District, in northern Patagonia, houses mountains, valleys, lakes, wetlands and a nearby desert. Explore the nearby town of Villa La Angostura, where UNESCO-protected forests reveal Argentinian wonder. Guests of Las Balsas can expect an authentic Patagonian experience, including an English-speaking guide and opportunities to learn secrets of the land and its history.

Whether you choose to try fly fishing, to observe unique birds or to focus on wellness, Las Balsas has something unique for every traveler. Each room has been individually designed, offering gracious amenities and true Argentinian flair. Savor the cuisine of Patagonia at Las Balsas‘ on-site restaurant and wine cellar. Enjoy exclusive spa treatments to prioritize both body care and rest.

And Do Good:  Beyond the importance of Nature conservation, Patagonia is Las Balsas‘ home, where the hotel has been hosts for over 30 years and 86% of the staff live permanently in Villa la Angostura, being part of their local community in the small mountain village.

‘We are local community+’, is an initiative run by Las Balsas resulting in actions such as being sponsors of public areas along with the village and motivating staff to volunteer in NGOs programs with paid leaves.

Patagonian Moments are special programs where rural families and local guides are proud hosts who share their own world and experiences with Las Balsas‘ guests who value unique experiences with local people. An example of this is with colleague Adrián Curruhuinca, who owns a historic wooden sailboat and was born in Villa la Angostura. He guides their guests on sailing trips to have a unique experience on Nahuel Huapi Lake.

Las Balsas also generates close bonds with artisans of Patagonia who are exceptional in generating crafts products. An example is the Virasoro family of exceptional wood craftsmen and Bea Taverna, a local painter whose art shows from the hotel’s walls to the keychains of the rooms. 

The main project within the next five years has an education focus: to create a hospitality school on their premises, leading to providing work in the local community and also creating an educational proposal with job opportunities within the industry for both local and regional students. 

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