The Whaler’s Inn

Location: Mystic, Connecticut


Go: Explore a bustling maritime village located in downtown Mystic, Connecticut and just a stone’s there away from the Mystic River. Choose from one of the 45 guest rooms all offering a unique New England experience.

This historic Connecticut hotel with over 125 years of history boasts five buildings, each with a unique historical era feel, all highlighting the unique culture of coastal New England. The Main Inn is the original building, dating back to 1910 which was converted into a hotel in 1969. The 1865 House was originally the residence of Mystic shipbuilder George W. Mallory, helping to preserve the original history throughout.

The Hoxie House was built in 1818 by a shipmaster and a trader and offers picturesque views of the Mystic River, providing a hotel haven for the many celebrities who have frequented its location. Stonington House offers quieter rooms for travelers and Noank House offers six guest rooms, making it a great option for families and friends traveling together.

Dine at The Whaler’s Inn on-site restaurant, The Shipwright’s Daughter, and taste some of New England’s fresh and flavorful food offerings. While in Mystic, check out the beautiful aquariums, seaport centers and boat cruises unique to the area.

And Do Good: The Whaler’s Inn proudly partners with The Light House, a community-based program specializing in assisting students of all differences with real life experiences and opportunities. The Whaler’s Inn is proud to partner with The Light House, offering job seekers opportunities to learn the different positions within the hotel. The job seekers spend 3-hours, 2-days a week at the Inn working in various departments. They work in tandem with the associates of The Whaler’s Inn and have been an asset since they started.

In addition, instead of plastic bottles of water, The Whaler’s Inn puts complimentary cartons of eco-friendly water in each room that serves a purpose. Everybody Water is a locally women-owned company dedicated to uplifting women and girls globally by supporting clean water infrastructure projects that free them from carrying water, giving them the time to attend school, earn incomes and dream big.

To book your stay at The Whaler’s Inn and to Go and Do Good®, book directly at:

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