Location: Tanzania


Go: Siringit is a small collection of privately-owned bespoke safari homes in Northern Tanzania. Comprised of Siringit Serengeti Camp, Siringit Migration Camp and Siringit Villa, Siringit is sure to offer an immersive experience allowing guests to connect with the nature and wilderness of Tanzania.

Siringit Serengeti Camp by Mantis offers ten exclusive canvas tents designed to offer guests the most optimal glamping experience. Go on Safari with Siringit Serengeti Camp and experience the heart of Serengeti National Park. Each tent brings comfort to the surroundings of nature in a tranquil setting.

The Siringit Migration Camp provides guests with a front row seat to wildlife while still offering five-star luxury. Connect with nature and immerse yourself with the migration of the herds from the spectacular Mara River crossing into the Southern Serengeti, a one-of-a-kind travel experience.

Siringit Villa is a luxury six bedroom villa is ideal for family and friends looking to feel the comforts of home in a beautiful Tanzanian setting. The spacious and elegant property offers lush gardens, a lap pool and gorgeous interiors all located in close proximity to migration camps and safari experiences.

All three of these properties reawaken a sense of harmony and purpose in life, allowing guests to make memorable African travel memories that will last a lifetime.

And Do Good: Siringit values community and respects the roots of the Tanzanian culture that it is immersed in. With a large focus on local education, Siringit is helping young locals thrive through the Baraa Primary School, a government school in Arusha, Tanzania, which was founded through the owner of Siringit. Through the improvements in infrastructure, sanitation, computer access, library access and more, Siringit is helping to improve the overall academic performance of local youth.

Guests of Siringit are invited on cultural walks to experience the improvements that have been made through the founder’s foundation and how a Tanzanian school operates.

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