Xigera Safari Lodge

Location: Masarwa, Botswana

Website: https://xigera.com

Go:  Blending African design and with unique luxury, Xigera Safari Lodge is reinventing the art of African safari. Hidden among a canopy of magnificent indigenous trees, Xigera offers 12 spacious suites, one of which is two-bedroom Family Suite. Integrated into the wilderness but also providing the comforts of home, guests will seek and find peace and tranquility during a stay at Xigera.

For a unique opportunity to sleep beneath the stars enveloped by the calls of nature, consider The Baobab Treehouse. Sit-back and enjoy the dining options at Xigera with an ever-changing menu boasting seasonal dishes. Enjoy incredible wildlife sightings from the moment you fly into the camp, with their leopards and lions being a regular sight.

Xigera offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as game drives, walking safaris, stargazing and boating to the Delta. Savor the meticulously-designed decor that pays homage to award-winning African artists.

And Do Good: 

Partnering with their TreadRight Foundation and the #maketravel matter initiative, Xigera is committed to encouraging the cultures, traditions and arts of the communities they visit to thrive. They seek to enable these communities to see the true benefit from tourism through economic empowerment. They do this through their support of micro-enterprises, and community-based tourism initiatives that build positive futures for community members and their families.

Their People projects provide a range of benefits to the communities our partners visit. Some projects focus on providing access to clean water while others address building capacity for communities to carry on their cultural traditions in the form of micro-enterprises and teaching centres. These benefits flow into the community to reduce inequalities of women, Indigenous peoples and other minority groups.

With focuses on ending poverty and providing clean drinking water, offering quality education and sustaining safe and reliable cities and communities, Xigera is partnering with TreadRight to focus on what matters most: people.

To book your stay at Xigera Safari Lodge and to Go and Do Good®, book directly at: https://xigera.com.

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