Location(s): Antarctica, Botswana, Costa Rica, England, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania


Go: Mantis luxury hotels, eco-lodges, and waterways are dream holiday and vacation experiences located around the world. Sustainable travelers focused on eco-tourism have been enjoying Mantis properties since 2000 with an emphasis on adventure travel. Whether choosing from a luxury hotel, ecolodge or waterway location, guests will achieve bucket list travel experiences through a stay with Mantis.

Whether choosing a ground African safari experience, enjoying the outdoor wildlife of Central America in Costa Rica, experiencing a proper stay in England, chartering barely touched land in frigid Antarctica or setting sail in Namibia, travelers will find unique travel experiences through Mantis. All accommodations regardless of type provide high-end travel memories with the comforts of home.

And Do Good:  In the 1980s, Adrian Gardiner, the founder of Mantis (Man And Nature Together ISustainable) had a vision to restore and rewild degraded farmland in the Eastern Cape. There are now over 20 Mantis properties across the globe. Community and conservation are at the heart of the Mantis brand and supporting both is a theme that runs through all the Mantis properties. Here are a couple of wonderful examples of how Mantis properties support their local communities and make a real difference to people’s lives:

At Mantis Epic Hotel and Suites, Rwanda, the headteacher of Mirama Primary School, a government assisted school for 1250 pupils from the ages of 6-15 years old told the General Manager, Ian Williams that about half her pupils were going hungry as a result of their parents losing their jobs during lockdown.  Ian has committed to providing lunch for 600 pupils at the local school on the last Wednesday of the month throughout the year. Mantis Epic Hotels and Suites are looking for sponsors to help them provide meals during the other three weeks in the month so they can do it on a weekly basis.

At Mantis Founders Lodge, South Africa, Thobela Peni, from Paterson in South Africa worked as housekeeper at Founders Lodge until the hotel had to close its doors due to the pandemic. Thobela started planting vegetables in her backyard to feed her family. Her neighbours soon took an interest in her produce and wanted to buy from her. This led to her being able to extend her plot and become a regular supplier for the community. Thobela’s enterprise caught the attention of the conservation-focused hotel group Mantis and CCFA and they engaged Thobela to set up and oversee a fruit and vegetable garden at Mantis Founders Lodge. The collaboration means that the majority of fruit and vegetables guests eat at the lodge will come directly from the site cultivated by Thobela. Future plans include a foraging experience led by Thobela, who will let guests in on her gardening secrets. Thobela also donates vegetables to two local creches.

To book your stay at Mantis and to Go and Do Good®, book directly at: email: or for more information call: +27 41 404 9300.

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