Basecamp Explorer Kenya

Location: Masai Mara, Kenya


Go: Experience more than travel with Basecamp Explorer in Kenya! With six Basecamps offering wildlife right at their doorsteps, guests will experience the local Maasai staff and what Masai Mara safaris have to offer through a stay with Basecamp Explorer Kenya. Whether choosing from Eagle View, with sweeping views overlooking the Koiyaki Plains to Basecamp Masai Mara which is located along the Talk River in a tropical forest, guests will experience wildlife, nature and culture through daily life-changing experiences.

At Leopard Hill guests can enjoy a high-end living experience with tents that have ceilings that open with a click, offering amazing views of the African night sky. Experience the vastness of the Mara Naboisho Conservancy at Dorobo Mobile Camp, inspired by the wanderings of the Dorobo people providing guests with the magical experience of walking safaris.

If looking for an intimate and relaxed atmosphere while on safari, consider Basecamp Adventure which provides guests way to immerse themselves in local culture and day-to-day conservation efforts. Lastly, tucked away in the Saddle Valley, Wilderness Camp offers a traditional safari style with a modern feel.

Once a guest selects their Basecamp, guides will tailor safaris with all preferences in mind, from family-focused safaris to those interested in viewing the great migration to bush and beach safaris and educational safaris. All aspects of Kenyan Maasai Mara culture are well-represented through a stay with Basecamp Explorer.

And Do Good:  Basecamp Explorer Foundation was established to fight the extinction of wildlife by teaming up with the local communities. The hotel firmly believes that in the Maasai Mara area of Kenya, the key to success is to work together with the people who own and inhabit the land. Therefore, the goals of protecting the planet, empowering people and reflecting responsible tourism are at the heart of Basecamp Explorer.

With cooperation with local people being the key to successful conservancy, 100% of Basecamp Explorer‘s operations are run by locals with over 331 students graduating from the local Koyaki Guiding School. To fight climate change and erosion, tree planting has become key, with over 178,000 trees planted in 20 years. In addition, beading is a traditional Maasai craft and local women have had the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families through selling their products at Basecamps worldwide.

The Naboisho Model, a conservancy approach guaranteeing monthly income to the landowners as well as employment to the youth contributes significantly to the local development, has proven to have 600 Maasai households have guaranteed income, with $80/night at any overnight accommodations from Basecamp going directly back to those peoples. Through building awareness and book a trip to one of these destinations, travelers can do so much good.

To book your stay at Basecamp Explorer Kenya  and to Go and Do Good®, book directly at:

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