Rancho Santana

Location: El Limón, Nicaragua

Website: https://ranchosantana.com

Go: Situated on the Southwest Pacific coast between the vast Pacific Ocean and Lake Nicaragua, The Ranch is located on one of the Pacific’s only isthmuses. Bordered on both sides by water, Rancho Santana enjoys the distinction of nearly constant offshore breezes. Warm weather and world-class surf conditions make this resort a paradise for surfers and ocean lovers nearly year-round.

Playa Santana is the nearby beach to Rancho Santana with several other beaches accessible for guests nearby. Lake Nicaragua is freshwater lake offering world-class fishing while hiking is also offered at the resort for guests to experience a deep jungle and a tropical dry forest.

Choose from The Inn & Residences for accommodations, with options that are great for families and couples alike. The Residences offer group options for those traveling with other family members or other guests and all accommodations include daily breakfast, complimentary kid club access and more.

Dining options prevail at Rancho Santana from a unique farm-to-table culinary experience within each of its restaurants. From La Finca y El Mar offering a sit-down experience to La Boquita, an open-air kitchen and terrace, guests will enjoy all restaurant options. The resort offers water adventures, land adventures and signature Nicaraguan adventures like exploring volcanoes.

With yoga, fitness, family activities, exquisite dining and memorable views offered at Rancho Santana, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

And Do Good:  During the rainy season come torrential storms, and although The Ranch is fortified with a state-of-the-art infrastructure built to withstand these harsh bouts of weather, the local communities aren’t as prepared to meet the unpredictable conditions. The staff, their families, friends, and neighbors — many of whom live in homes that could not withstand these storms — desperately needed serious and immediate assistance.

The team at Rancho Santana shifted into assistance mode, providing help to the area they call home, which has been an integral part of their mission since they joined the community decades ago. They rushed in with food and emergency supplies to those affected. They also partnered with Kings Ransom, a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to building new futures for families living in poverty, to further assist with the ongoing needs within the surrounding communities. To date, they have replaced 440 dirt floors with concrete foundations, repaired 17 homes, and constructed 34 new houses from the ground up.

To book your stay at Rancho Santana  and to Go and Do Good®, book directly at: https://ranchosantana.com.

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