Mosaic House Design Hotel

Location: Prague, Czech Republic


Go:  Offering a green oasis in the heart of The Golden City, Mosaic House Design Hotel is hidden away inside the lively and electrifying metropolis of Prague. This urban oasis offers rooms from standard size to a penthouse suite. In addition, MOOo Downtown Luxury Apartments are apart of the family of Mosaic House Design Hotel, offering fully-equipped kitchen, living room and 1-3 bedroom spaces.

Offering a great option for business events, consider hosting your next board meeting, group discussion or media event in this bustling hotel. If you are traveling for wellness, take time to visit Mosaic House Design Hotel’s Private Spa, offering a sauna and spa to unwind. The private spa can accommodate up to 8 people and has access to a green, exclusive outdoor area.

Explore the other spaces of Mosaic House Design Hotel, from Cafe Mosaic, a spot to grab food and drinks all day long or the Library, an ideal retreat for anyone hoping for uninterrupted time of peace and quiet. The Secret Garden is a greenery in the courtyard providing a wonderful spot away from traffic to enjoy a cool drink.

And Do Good: Preserving natural resources is of great importance to Mosaic House Design Hotel. Known as the first hotel in Czech Republic to feature a grey-water system, the hotel is dedicated to recycling waste water and to use it for other uses, such a flushing toilets. The hotel was the second building in the world to combine its grey-water system with heat recovery, meaning the waste water can generate energy.

To book your stay at Mosaic House Design Hotel and to Go and Do Good®, book directly at:

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