Frequently Asked Questions

A: All payments, changes and cancellations must be made directly with the hotel staff where the trek was booked.

Q: My plans changed. Can I cancel my hotel stay through you?

A: If the hotel asks how you heard about them, we'd love for you to give Trekking Twice, LLC a shout out.

Q: I booked a hotel due to your recommendation. How can I give you credit?

A: We do not. Our services are limited to helping you choose hotels that give back generously to charities, ministries and their local communities.

Q: Do you research the flights and transportation for us, too?

A: It is up to each hotel whether or not they choose to provide an additional promo code for any discounts. If they do, promo codes will be listed on the bottom of each Go and Do Good™ blog post.

Q: Are promo codes available for my trek?

A: Functionality does not yet exist to directly book a trek on our website, but we hope that it will be available soon. For now, just book your trek directly through the hotel's website.

Q: Can I book my trip through your website?

A: We do the research for you to find these gems of hotels and they are updated annually as hotels' initiatives of giving could change.

Q: How do you find these Go and Do Good™ hotels?

A: While we do love going on an annual mission trip every year, the hotels recommended in this directory are not service-oriented. Simply choose a hotel and relax knowing that you are helping just by going.

Q: Are these like mission trips?

A: Hotels that give back generously to charities, ministries or their local communities are given this distinction. 

Q: What does it mean that a hotel is a Go and Do Good™ hotel?

A: Yes! You can still read all of our faith & our own family's travel blog at We are still going by the name Trekking Twice for social media because we still believe that families should aim to travel twice per year - once with kids and once without.

Q: Are you still running Trekking Twice, the God-first family travel blog?

with us!


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