The Best Preschooler Travel Product Ever

This product was gifted by JetKids™ by Stokke. All views are my own.

I often get asked, “Do you get paid for your opinions? For your opinions of places, resorts, products and excursions?” I actually make $0.00 per year on my blog posts and my goal has always been to give my honest, unfiltered opinion.

Do I receive products, excursion and resort stays for free? Yes. I’ve spent countless hours researching places, resorts, products and excursions before I commit to them being sponsored to ensure that I can give an honest evaluation without it feeling forced.

I have had to leave excursions, pay back companies and send apology emails when something I experienced wasn’t as I expected it to be and I therefore refused to write a positive review of something that I disliked or only felt lukewarm about.

So when I researched and received JetKids by Stoke BEDBOX™ product for our 2019 Trek with Kids to Edinburgh, Scotland, I had some initial, unfiltered concerns:

Would it be too bulky? Would our kids just leave it behind, forcing us to lug around our own luggage and then our kids’ luggage? It looks really big, will it even fit under the seat? If I was purchasing this, would the price be worth the experience? Will it be comfortable enough for our kids to actually sleep on for a redeye? Will our six-and-a-half year-old grow out of it too fast?

Please fully grasp my opinion on JetKids by Stoke BEDBOX™ and JetKids by Stoke RIDEBOX™ : it is the best air travel product for kids: no seriously, ever. I have been thinking about what our travel and logistical experience would have been like without this product and I foresee meltdowns, us over carrying all the things, tired legs, whiny boys during long layovers and wide-awake boys staring at us during our six-hour plus flight.

With JetKids by Stoke RIDEBOX™, both of our boys, aged four and six-and-a-half, were thrilled to be lugged around the Jacksonville, FL, Boston, MA, Dublin, Ireland and Edinburgh, Scotland airports. They happily scooted themselves around, laughing and giggling anytime they could ride even faster down an airport ramp.

The boys learned to open their JetKids by Stoke RIDEBOX™, taking our coloring books or activity pads and settling in during long wait times in the airport and the product began to provide them the comforts of home. When we’d tell them to quickly grab their items and get ready to board, they happily packed up their JetKids by Stoke RIDEBOX™ and we’d pull them along to their next destination.

Our boys are boys: loud, active, restless, easy to experience boredom and nonstop: but with these products, our boys were entertained and engaged during airport travel. Is there a price tag for that?

The JetKids by Stoke BEDBOX™ duals as riding device, so if you don’t think you’ll ever have the need for a child to sleep on an airplane, the product is worth it just for the airport logistics itself.

On the way to Edinburgh, Scotland, we took a redeye and would expect about six hours in the air during all typically sleep time hours. My husband and I were a little anxious, wondering if any of us would get any rest at all.

We changed the boys to their pajamas and after takeoff we set up their  JetKids by Stoke BEDBOX™ to become a bed in easy two easy steps: flip up the seat extension and lay out the mattress and side pads. I held my breath and prayed a little prayer that we all slept just even a little.

Our four-year old was able to lay full out, all whilst keeping his seatbelt on if turbulence occurred, and our six-year old slept on his side, with his legs curled for room. To my surprise, within thirty minutes both of our boys were snoring and slept for the duration of the flight. My heart sunk as I heard little babies cry with discomfort in the carriage section of our airline and while toddlers, preschoolers and young children were walking around aimlessly through the aisles because they couldn’t sleep on the flight. I was an instant believer that  JetKids by Stoke BEDBOX™ actually made our boys comfortable enough to sleep.

Q: Was it too bulky and will I need to carry them for my own child? A: Honestly, no. The boys never asked us to carry them as they just wanted to ride on them, either being pulled or scooting on their own, the whole time. They fit under both JetBlue and Aerlingus’s seats easily.

Q: If I was purchasing this, would the cost be worth the experience? A: I think a lot of this has to do with the amount of airline travel that you do per year. A JetKids by Stoke BEDBOX™ product called RIDEBOX™ is $149.99 which does not include the Sleeping Kit. If you aren’t sure if you’ll use it to fly with young children who will need to sleep, the RIDEBOX™ is a great value just as their onboard luggage and for riding through airports. JetKids by Stoke BEDBOX™ is $199.99 which includes the Sleeping Kit (you also can always buy the Sleeping Kit as an add-on later). In my own opinion, if you’re going to fly at least twice per year with children aged 2-7, the RIDEBOX™ is worth the money. If you think your child will need to sleep on the airplane, too, the JetKids by Stoke BEDBOX™ with the Sleeping Kit is definitely worth it. If you’re child is older than 7, they will grow out of this product too fast.

Q: Will our six-and-a-half year-old grow out of it too soon? A: My honest opinion is possibly. The JetKids by Stoke BEDBOX™is ideal for ages 2-7 and yet the RIDEBOX™ will be ideal for Landon, aged six-and-a-half, for many years to come as an onboard piece of luggage. Although he may soon be too old and heavy to ride on a RIDEBOX™, he will for many years be able to pull it around as his own piece of onboard luggage in the airport. Please note that it is recommended to wait until age three to use the RIDEBOX™.

Q: How did you get all of those fun stickers with their names on it? A: A purchase awards you a sticker sheet, ideal for personalizing the product as well as allowing kids to design their own, unique JetKids by Stoke BEDBOX™. Genius!

Thank you, JetKids,™ for designing the best air travel product for kids. And no seriously, you brought laughter, joy and happiness to our young boys during our Big Trek instead of the dreaded tears, frustration and boredom. And you also made us feel like celebrities, as we had at least one hundred people ask us what they worked, what they were and where they could get one. You win our first-place award!

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