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Hosted by Loews Miami; all opinions are my own.

We were so excited to partner with Loews Miami on their #loewslovesfamilies initiative and share all about family-friendly activities to do at their South Beach hotel. Although we had visited the Miami International Airport dozens of times, we have never actually explored Miami!

And so, we arrived and jumped right into the festivities: pizza-making class at Bar Collins. Our boys loved creating their very own pizzas with a Loews chef at the Pizza Station. They received their own apron and hat and decorated a pizza box to place their creation in to-go. Besides being wonderful with kids, the pizza chef helped them make delicious pizzas which were super handy to have an hour later as we laid by the pool.

I read all about how Loews Miami offered guests the option to receive a free Focal Point Experience, a photo shoot with a digital image from their stay. Focal Point Experience is a Miami-based photographer offering family and lifestyle images for all phases of life. We absolutely love capturing travel memories through professional photography and so we were anxious to give it a try!

Felipe, our photographer, was wonderful with our boys and get great images in a short amount of time which was exactly what we asked for. He photographed us around the iconic Loews Miami hotel and on famous South Beach with a few close up shots to focus on family.

Loews Miami guests are offered a free digital image with their complimentary shoot and other images available for purchase. This is such a great idea for families and so many others celebrating occasions or creating memories at Loews.

Just twenty four hours after the shoot, Felipe emailed me a copy of all of the shots that I could choose from to download. They were so wonderful that it was hard to choose but we were so appreciated of these five that he captured of us. 

Next time that you book at Loews Miami, be sure to take full advantage of this complimentary photo shoot by Focal Point Experience so that all of your South Beach memories will be captured.

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