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The boys and I were so excited to experience Great Wolf Lodge, an indoor water park, in Concord, North Carolina, just outside of Charlotte. While there are many locations of Great Wolf Lodge throughout the country, the Concord location is close enough to us for a day trip. We packed our swimsuits, towels and set off on a fun adventure that we could feel really good about. Not only is Great Wolf Lodge is a fun childhood experience, it also does so much good for its communities around the U.S.

Great Wolf Lodge isn’t just an indoor water park, it is also a large hotel offering family-friendly activities that will last a lifetime. Its signature wolf ears invite children to join the wolfpack and to feel connected with the lodge the moment they walk in the door. Great Wolf Lodge is a children’s paradise from Build-a-Bear® stations to miniature golf, pool activities and story time to concerts and more. The boys were so excited to experience the magic of Great Wolf Lodge!

We spent the day whizzing and twirling through Great Wolf Lodge‘s signature water slides, each slide being more fun than the next. Children under 48″ were required to ride with an adult which meant lots of water fun with Griffin, where Landon was thrilled to be able to ride by himself. We especially loved River Canyon Run, a group water slide experience where up to 5 passengers could experience the turns and twirls of a ride down a canyon.

Offering lunch on-site through the lodge, a quick lunch was easy at Great Wolf Lodge in-between water play and the family-friendly lockers, changing rooms and showers made it easy to dry off and head back home to Greenville, SC.

We highly recommend spending a day at Great Wolf Lodge‘s water park for family fun that you can feel good about. Through partnerships with wonderful do-good organizations such as Autism Speaks, Make-A-Wish® and American Nurses Association, Great Wolf Lodge has helped make a big difference in several communities through fundraisers, donations and giveaways. I can water slide high-five to that!

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