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We made spring break plans to head to the mountains and explore a new to us national park, Yosemite National Park. To fly into Yosemite, one of the best options is to fly to San Francisco from the east coast. We decided to make the best usage of our time there and spend two half days exploring Fog City. The first step was finding a Good Hotel® and I was thrilled to discover Hotel Spero, a downtown boutique hotel offering comfortable accommodations and a great launching pad.

The One-Bedroom Suite in Hotel Spero was the perfect layout for our family of four, with two separate sleeping spaces for our bros and us. The living room couch turned to a queen-sized bed perfect for our boys and we enjoyed the comfortable accommodations in the master bedroom. The lobby was grand and the staff inviting, proving it was the perfect choice for a San Francisco stay.

Walking distance from Hotel Spero was the cable car line taking us into the Fisherman’s Wharf area from Powell St. to Hyde St. Riding the cable car was such a thrill and something we all enjoyed. We then explored the views of Fisherman’s Wharf, from faraway glances of the Golden Gate Bridge to the bay and Alcatraz as a backdrop.

We enjoyed the Ghiradelli Square shopping and entertainment area, seeing the original Ghiradelli chocolate-making factory. The bros enjoyed playing mini-golf at Subpar Mini Golf Course, an indoor course overlooking the bay with holes boasting various features of San Francisco. While they played, I whisked off on a solo micro-adventure to see the Full House house, an iconic figure from growing up in the ’90s. What an irony that I made it to see the TGIF house on a Friday! Otherwise known as Postcard Row or the Painted Ladies, these Victorian-styled homes were a blast from the past.

We wrapped up our morning in San Francisco at In-and-Out Burger, a not-to-miss fast-food chain known for their inexpensive yet tasty burgers and fries. (Insert Golden Gate Bridge hike)

If you’re considering a visit to Yosemite National Park or to visit San Francisco as its own exciting destination, Hotel Spero offers a lot of goodness. Besides boasting a great location and comfortable accommodations, Hotel Spero partners with local The Giving Rack, a program that supports nearby non-profit, St. Anthony’s Foundation. By guests choosing to simply leave any spare clothing items on a luggage rack at Hotel Spero, they are helping San Franciscans in need.

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