Upgraded Seats as a Family of Four

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When our family decided to become Delta Airlines Reserve card holders, we achieved Platinum Status, and fast! One unexpected change for our family was that we almost immediately began to receive to upgraded seats to Delta Comfort+, leaving two other family members in main cabin.

At first, I didn’t want our family to split up, so we declined the free upgrades since there were 4 of us, not just 2 traveling. Then, I realized we should secure two better seats and split up, leaving two in Delta Comfort+ / two in main cabin. Also, by not taking those two seats, we were missing out on the chance of them upgrading us to First Class for free, too. 

When selecting our Delta Comfort seats on the plane, I always choose when available the last row of Comfort+ seating for 2 of our tickets. And then for selecting seats for the two in main cabin, I always select the first row. When it works out depending on the plane model, this puts us both in the rows right in front of/behind each other.

How this works for our family:
– on short, domestic positioning flights, Logan and I will sit together in Comfort and the bros will sit in Main Cabin together. 
– on long, overnight flights or flights with meals, we’ll sit half of the time with one child and switch. 

Many times when travel hackers are sharing about free upgrades to business/first class, it’s for themselves and/or themselves and a companion. This makes travel hacking so much easier for a solo traveler/couple vs. a family. 

Right now, this works for our family to enjoy a travel perk but still sit as close together as possible. 

What would your family do in this situation?


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