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We had arrived in Berlin after four nights in Madrid and had two nights to explore Germany. This was our family’s first time in Germany so we were immediately overwhelmed how different it felt than Spain, mainly with the temperatures significantly lower (66 degrees F in August as the high) and less sunshine and more rain. After a first night’s rest at the hotel, we set off on a day to adventure.

Meininger Hotels Berlin Airport location was a great location for easily accessing some of the famous Berlin sites but also being close enough to the airport to get back easily. We had one big room for a family of four with bunk beds for the bros and then a double bed for us. The accommodations were simple but provided exactly what we needed while in Berlin.

Being steps from the train, we headed to see the Berlin Wall. Landon had learned about the wall in school last year so he was so excited to experience it in-person. It was super interesting and had a dedicated museum open for free to everyone to learn more about the tragic times of Berlin. We were able to walk alongside the wall and read stories of commemoration and more. Seriously, so touching! My favorite part was seeing a Checkpoint Charlie. Where it was originally housed is a station in the middle of the road that served as a stopping point for those looking to go to and from East/West Germany. It gave us chills to see it in person.

Afterwards, we enjoyed some authentic German food by choosing bratwurst, potato soup and of course, some beers! Berlin had such a unique culture and we were so excited to experience it.

Meals were made easy for families by Meininger Hotels by providing us a free breakfast. The bros loved the pancake making machine and looked forward to operating it both mornings. We also loved having access to an Aldi walking distance to grab snacks for the room. The location of the Meininger Hotels Berlin Airport made it easy to enjoy two nights exploring Berlin!

What makes Meininger Hotels so good? With focuses on sustainability, you can feel good knowing that all of their locations are focused on environment and service. With efforts in place to reduce waste, support beehives through planting wildflowers and having employees complete hundreds of volunteering hours with local organizations, Meininger Hotels is nothing but good.

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