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It was an absolute dream to spend a few nights in Transylvania, Romania as a family this winter break. I’m not sure what we expected, but it was so different and unique and we loved being there. I want to highlight the Valea Verde Retreat because our stay, meals and experiences there really was the highlight of our time in Romania. If you’re curious what Transylvania is like, I highly recommend you consider a visit.

The Homes

In a unique concept and different than we’ve ever seen, Valea Verde Retreat had homes and apartments incorporated in the local village in Lund, Transylvania. On the dreamy, foggy streets of Cund, a tiny Romanian town, exists a mixture of locals’ homes and the homes for Valea Verde Retreat. We stayed at both Casa Bierzahn, a two-bedroom home with bunk beds and a kitchen and Cund Yard, a combination of multiple apartments with the original rustic feel. The furniture in the homes was made by local artisans and wood-burning fireplaces in multiple rooms added so much warmth. I loved the creaky wooden floor boards and the comfortable, simple homes there. The little village of Valea Verde Retreat was definitely my favorite part!

The Food

The food by the mastermind of the husband and wife team behind Valea Verde and chef Jonas Schafer was incredible. It reminded us of many Relais and Chateaux hotels that I written for over the years. The moody, wooden lounge with a roaring fireplace and tables of laughter made for the coziest place to have meals. I especially loved dinnertime as multiple courses were offered. We tried delicious local foods like truffle mushrooms, duck, potatoes, chicken and dessert specialities like Romanian fried cheese doughnuts. The restaurant also offered meals for kids which are boys enjoyed.

The Horse-drawn Carriage Ride into the Forest Observatory

One of the most special family events at Valea Verde Retreat was the horse-drawn carriage ride into the forest observatory. A local employee of Valea Verde on a horse-drawn carriage picked our family up outside of Casa Bierzahn and took us on a ride to the local forest. In the middle of what felt like no where, a little Romanian house was placed for an afternoon snack. We were dropped off there to enjoy local meats, cheese, vegetables and wine and it was truly such a relaxing day,

The Community

When arriving into Cund from the four hour or so ride from Bucharest, you suddenly ride on an unpaved path taking you to the retreat. The hilly countryside suddenly calms you from city into forest and we knew instantly it would be a relaxing vacation. One of the best reasons to visit Valea Verde Retreat is because of how the local community of Cund is involved with the retreat. Locals work at the front desk in the reception area, are servers at the restaurant and even help you get checked into your home. You can feel the closeness of this community as soon as you arrive to Valea Verde.

Local Towns to Visit

Besides the local town of Cund, we recommend a visit to Sighișoara. This hallmark-worthy town has old churches, cobblestone streets, hills overlooking homes and in winter, an ice skating rink for children and Christmas markets. The colors of the buildings are bright and warm and it was such a unique town to visit. Located about thirty minutes from the retreat, taking a day trip into Sighișoara is definitely worth it.

How they Give Back

I love finding hotels like Valea Verde Retreat that give back and make an impact in their community. Besides creating this opportunity of both employment and collaboration for locals to work at, the retreat also has organized a local fair to raise money for the local school. The hotel is doing such a good job of keeping in touch with the local Transylvanian community but also helping them keep their identity and traditions. Valea Verde Retreat is a great choice for those interested in visiting mysterious Transylvania in Romania and for those looking to support local.

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