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Sponsored by Skye Smith; opinions are my own On my 21st birthday, I received a Louis Vuitton bag that I enjoyed using for almost two decades. As I approached my forties and my style preferences, as well as interests, began to change, I was looking for a bag that I could travel easily with that […]

The Best Women’s Travel Bags: Skye Smith

October 22, 2023

Time has been flying! Sometimes I sit back and let all of the change that we’ve been through in the last three weeks flood over me as we settle here in Madrid. In three weeks, our family of four has prepped to rent out our home, completed the visa process, enrolled in an international school […]

Our Gap Year in Madrid: Moving to Spain

October 15, 2023

#hosted by Meininger Hotels; opinions are my own We had arrived in Berlin after four nights in Madrid and had two nights to explore Germany. This was our family’s first time in Germany so we were immediately overwhelmed how different it felt than Spain, mainly with the temperatures significantly lower (66 degrees F in August […]

Meininger Hotels Berlin Airport

August 10, 2023

#hosted by BobW; opinions are my own Located in the Atocha section of busy downtown Madrid, we were so expectant to arrive into Madrid after one month living in Tenerife, Spain. Although our family tends to get overwhelmed by big cities, we were excited to experience a different area of Spain in its mainland. We […]

BobW Arte, Madrid, Spain

August 9, 2023

It was the start of our last week in Tenerife and we were equal parts sad and equal parts expectant to get to Madrid to continue the adventure. We had a lot more exploring to do in Tenerife so we spent time revisiting our favorites and finding a few new places to explore. Landon’s 11th […]

30 Days in Tenerife, Spain: Week Four

August 9, 2023

We rolled right into week three! At this point, our routines were down and we truly enjoyed everything about life for one month in Tenerife. We absolutely loved going to our CrossFit each morning and the whole family felt super welcomed there. We also had a great morning routine with a stop at a coffee […]

30 Days in Tenerife, Spain: Week Three

August 2, 2023

It’s hard to believe it is already week two in Tenerife! Our family adjusted quickly to life in Spain and the beautiful weather of the Canary Islands. We experienced nothing but sunshine and pool hair, spending every day accessing some sort of beach or pool. We are becoming more familiar with our surroundings and my […]

30 Days in Tenerife, Spain: Week Two

July 29, 2023

We are so excited to be on our first-ever slow travel journey, living in Tenerife, Spain for thirty days this summer. While our family tends to prefer weeklong visits to hotels in Spanish-speaking countries, we are excited to try something new and dive deeper into Spain and one culture. Recapping our time there, I’m going […]

30 Days in Tenerife, Spain: Week One

July 28, 2023

#partner Since 2018, our family has entrusted Flytographer with our family travel photography during shoots around the work. In 2018, we took the bros over the pond for the first time at ages 7 and 4 and savored the moments captured in Edinburgh. We then had photos taken by Flytographer photographers in Peru and Belize […]

Flytographer in Tenerife, Spain

July 17, 2023

Product was provided by Skye Smith; opinions are my own. I had been looking to replace both my travel tote bag and my everyday bag due to being in the same routine for the last decade. For travel, I typically carried a large tote bag that was too big for the items that I needed […]

The Best Travel Bag (and Great for Every Day!)

June 13, 2023

Have you been wanting to enroll in Spanish but don’t know where to start? Our family has had the best nine months learning the language of Spanish with very little formal lessons prior to beginning (only some high school instruction for my husband). Spanish is a language that is spoken in twenty countries as its […]

Learn Spanish Through Virtual Lessons

May 16, 2023

It has been a whirlwind processing the information this week that research states that an international driving permit is necessary to drive out of the country. This summer we head on our first-ever slow travel experience where we will rent a car and practice living abroad for one month in the Tenerife located in the […]

An IDP for International Driving

May 10, 2023


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