The Best Travel Bag (and Great for Every Day!)

Product was provided by Skye Smith; opinions are my own.

I had been looking to replace both my travel tote bag and my everyday bag due to being in the same routine for the last decade. For travel, I typically carried a large tote bag that was too big for the items that I needed onboard so I wanted something more compact. For daily usage, I was wanting to trade in my luxury, designer crossbody bag because I didn’t feel like the brand matched my intentions or interests any longer.

I discovered Skye Smith through an online platform called The Social Cat inviting travel collaborators to apply to be considered to receive an Elodie Leather Backpack and Crossbody Bag. While I have never chosen to apply for any collaboration before on The Social Cat, the second I saw this bag I knew it was exactly what I had been searching for all along.

The Elodie Leather Backpack and Crossbody Bag retails at $395, is made of genuine vintage leather and was the exact in-between size I was looking for to use for both travel and everyday. I love how you can wear the bag as a backpack (my preferred way!) or switch the straps to be a Crossbody bag. I love how the inside has four pockets and one large inside zipped pocket where I can store items like my wallet and keys to keep them safer when traveling.

I took my new Skye Smith bag on the plane to Boston to quick off summer and tried out how it would be for our travels. The bag fit compactly in the airplane seat in front of me, fit everything I needed for travel and got so many compliments for being beautiful.

If you’re searching for a great bag option that you can use any day in any way, be sure to check out Skye Smith and their beautiful leather bag.

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