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What a dream this past week at Omni Parker House was for our family! Our oldest son, Landon, is a huge Boston Red Sox fan and was so excited to be surprised with a visit to Boston. We visited Boston with Landon when he was turning one and we always show him pictures of this special event. Ever since, he has been asking to return to Boston to experience the city and Fenway. His little brother, Griffin, has joined us on every other trip besides Boston, so he was also excited to “catch up” in states to his big brother!

We normally cannot surprise our boys with travel due to my travel media schedule, but while up north visiting family we decided to try. The surprise went off without a hitch! It was so fun making our bros think that they were headed home after time with family in Philadelphia while we were really boarding a plane to Boston. We have planning this special event alongside Omni Parker House for a while and we’re so excited to share how sweet the time was together. Let our special family weekend in Boston commence.

The Freedom Trail Family Suite

We have written for many Omni Hotels and Resorts over the years, but our family was blown away by The Freedom Trail Family Suite at Omni Parker House. Right as we arrived into Boston, we were greeted by hotel staff welcoming our bros with a kid-friendly explorer bag full of activities and treats. As we entered the family suite, we all let out a cheer knowing this would be our home-away-from-home in Boston. The Freedom Trail Family Suite offers two separate bedroom areas, one for adults and a bunk beds in a loft for kids. It’s the perfect setup for a family! Equipped alongside the bunk bed is a chalkboard wall, drawers of kids’ toys and books and our bros favorite part of the room: a Super Nintendo system. It was hard to get the boys to leave the suite and explore Boston after they learned that this fun family-friendly hotel room existed.

The Iconic Hotel in an Ideal Location

I had heard of the iconic Omni Parker House due to it being known for starting Boston cream pies and Parker house rolls. We enjoyed our first-ever bites of Boston cream pies and they were certainly delicious! The lobby of Omni Parker House is elegant yet also family-friendly and welcoming and we really enjoyed the ambience of our stay. We kicked off the weekend with a welcome drink at one of the on-site eateries and bars at the hotel, The Last Hurrah, and made our plan for the rest of our days in Boston.

One of the best traits of Omni Parker House is its ideal location. Located on the Freedom Trail and just steps away from the Green Line to access Fenway Park, we were so impressed by the awesome location of the hotel. During our stay, we were able to walk pretty much everywhere in Boston that we had on our list to see. If you’re a family traveling to Boston, do not hesitate to book Omni Parker House due to its location alone.

The Nearby Activities

We enjoyed retracing our steps from our first visit to Boston and started the week off at Quincy Hall and Faneuil Marketplace. The marketplace is a great choice for families who want an affordable light meal and snacks on the go. From a cup of chowder to smoothies, there was something for all of us to enjoy here. We then walked to the beautiful Boston Common and Public Garden. One of Landon’s favorite memories from Boston (when looking at pictures) was a visit to the Make Way for the Ducklings statue, famously written about and located in the Public Garden. It was so fun to show Griffin this statue after reading this book with him for several years and to watch our bros enjoy this beautiful scenery, together.

We then headed to Boston’s North End to enjoy some delicious lobster and views of the Harbor. We chose Boston Sail Loft for our dinner which was a local-favorite and family-owned and ended top being a great choice. It was wonderful weather in Boston, so we enjoyed all of the sites and time together.

Landon had been learning about the Boston Tea Party at school, so he was super excited to experience the museum. We partnered with Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum to experience their historic tour of the events that occurred in Boston almost 250 years ago. It was fun seeing history come alive and the actors on the tour do such a good job making the event interactive and exciting for kids. Griffin loved throwing a box of tea overboard the ship!

We had one more free morning so we let Griffin decide our next steps and he chose Boston Children’s Museum. He had so much fun running around and exploring the different areas of explorative play. His very favorite area was of course the basketball area where they got to get energy out and we did some friendly shooting competitions as a family. There are great exhibits at this museum for children of all ages and it’s a great museum when spending time in Boston as a family.

A Special Night at Fenway

My husband, Logan, is a long-time Tampa Rays fan, so we timed our trip to Boston to be able to see the Boston Red Sox and the Rays play. Due to weather concerns and storms expected on our last night, we had a hunch that we should head to Fenway Park a day earlier to ensure that we spent time at the baseball park. We are so glad we did as Rays/Red Sox game was cancelled due to weather. We squeezed in the most amazing night of baseball seeing the Red Sox and the Cincinnati Reds play!

The bros were so excited to be at Fenway Park and to see the magic of Major League Baseball in-person. We scored awesome Loge Box tickets in the very first row and enjoyed great views, special memories and even some mascot visits. The bros danced, and ate and dove for fly balls until their hearts were content.

Special Family Memories Made While Giving Back

Boston is such a wonderful city, full of rich history and wonderful family memories. Omni Parker House was the best possible hotel to partner with to help surprise the bros. If you’re a family considering a visit to Boston, be sure to choose this hotel for your stay and do not miss out on the opportunity to visit Fenway Park. One of the best parts of a stay at Omni Parker House is knowing that you are helping to contribute to fight hunger. All Omni Hotels and Resorts help Say Goodnight to Hunger through their fighting hunger campaign. By choosing a stay with one of these hotels, you are helping to make a big difference.

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