Learn Spanish Through Virtual Lessons

Have you been wanting to enroll in Spanish but don’t know where to start? Our family has had the best nine months learning the language of Spanish with very little formal lessons prior to beginning (only some high school instruction for my husband).

Spanish is a language that is spoken in twenty countries as its first language but also spoken regularly in many other countries, such as the United States. It’s such a beautiful language and one that will really benefit you and your family if you spend the time choosing to learn it.

We’ve been enrolled for the past nine months and now myself, my husband and our two kids ages 10 and 8 are able to:

– understand vocabulary and verbs/their meanings

– form basic sentences to have conversations with individuals while we travel

– introduce ourselves and our family and ask for something that we need/want

– order out in a restaurant

– describe a situation around us

By spending only one hour per week, our family truly has learned so much Spanish in a short period of time through virtual classes. These classes are taken through the Spanish Institute of Honduras, a ministry run out of Siguatepegue, Honduras.

The staff are incredibly family-friendly and they assist our young boys in learning by having them create crafts, play games and watch videos in addition to standard teaching tactics. One hour after school each week, the bros are super excited to meet with their teacher to learn.

My husband and I take virtual classes together weekly during a lunchtime, a benefit of his remote work situation. We have learned all of the above and more in that short period of time, now diving into a second level of Spanish which includes irregular verbs and conjugating.

We all are so much more confident speaking and understanding Spanish than when we began with very little knowledge. These lessons are affordable, interactive and a great way to make the commitment to learn Spanish.

Be sure to reach out to The Spanish Institute of Honduras if your family has interest in learning Spanish, too!

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