My Childhood Trips to Bermuda

The weather in Ponte Vedra, FL feels a bit like summer today, so I decided to reminisce about a special place to my family: Bermuda. My dad’s job, before his retirement, afforded our family multiple opportunities to visit this beautiful (and close by!) country.

The two times I visited Bermuda, it was all about spending time with my family. In 2007, I was a senior in college and vividly remember studying for a Business Statistics exam that I would return to take. In 2008, my brother, Bill, and I joined my parents for a siblings trip and we have so many sweet memories of bonding together there.

Logan didn’t join us in Bermuda either trip, but I remember hopping on the hotels’ computers frequently to check-in with the love of my life.

Important note: these pictures and memories were created before I owned a camera that wasn’t disposable or an underwater one (ha), but thankfully memories mean so much more than the quality of pictures do 
Fairmont is a beautiful hotel chain that boasts exquisite hotels in many countries and U.S. cities. Fairmont Hotels has two properties on the island of Bermuda: Hamilton Princess and Beach Club and Fairmont Southampton, Bermuda.

In 2007, we stayed at the Hamilton Princess and had a sweet time. The Hamilton Princess hotel was renovated after our stay, which just means we will definitely need to head back there to stay! This hotel is a lot closer to the main strip in Bermuda and is a frequent choice for a lot of people staying for business reasons.

How sweet it is to think back on trips for our childhood! It makes me think that our boys will do the very same. Here are some pictures (of some pictures!) of my favorite memories with my family at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess:

In 2008, my brother and I joined my parents to stay at Fairmount Southampton, located on the other side of the beautiful island. This hotel had a bit more of a tropical feel to it than the Princess hotel.

Many of these photos make me laugh out loud, mainly because my brother and I had such a wonderful time together. It was fun to have a partner in crime to explore the beautiful island with and for a companion to drink DARK ‘N STORMY® drinks with through the vacation!

If you’ve never had one, you must check out the official DARK ‘N STORMY® recipe here. I enjoyed them so much that I brought back some ginger beer in my suitcase without remembering that carbonated beverages explode on an airplane. Awesomeness!

We also took a water adventure opportunity riding waverunners in the middle of the ocean and it was an ADVENTURE (hence the tears in the picture above). I literally thought my life was over. So many inside jokes were made on that trip and I will always look back so fondly on this stay in Bermuda.

3 Trip Tips: 

  • Take a walk down Front St. in Hamilton, Bermuda; the center of Bermuda and their busiest streets. Bermuda offers an endless viewing of pastel-colored homes and businesses and adorable shops.
  • Bermuda is a self-governing territory, but it was formerly owned by Great Britain so you can see so much British influence there! From Great Britain’s flag to tea times and businessmen dressed in Bermuda shorts and high white knee socks, it almost feels like a tropical Great Britain.
  • Try a DARK ‘N STORMY® in Bermuda! Although restaurants here try to remake this iconic cocktail, no one makes them quite like they do in Bermuda.

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