Our Honeymoon in Quebec City

With two boys, almost five and two-and-a-half, I wake up with nightmares frequently thinking of all of the travel that we didn’t take before kids. Join me in a throwback trek to our Canadian honeymoon!

The ease of travel when it’s just you or just you and your spouse is not something to take lightly. These days, in preparation for a four day trip to visit family in NJ, we bring 2 huge suitcases, 1 packed full to the brim of diapers, overnight diapers, wipes and “just-in-case” medicines.

So it is refreshing to have my first post throw us all the way back to 2009: our Canadian Honeymoon.

All of my friends thought we were a bit odd for not choosing a Caribbean destination honeymoon. Taking a cruise, drinking, soaking up the sun in relaxation – that’s a honeymoon, right?
Beating to our own drum, we chose to explore the beautiful French city of Quebec, located in Montreal.

We left without a disappointment.

We selected Quebec City because it was a short flight from Orlando, FL to Newark, NJ with a second quick jet from Newark direct to Quebec. We selected the Fairmount Le Chateau Frontenac to stay in and it was beyond lovely!
Our stay there felt a little bit like a grand knight sweeping his princess off her feet — regal, relaxing and we felt like royalty.

Towering over Quebec, we were given gorgeous views of the St. Lawrence River and were able to walk the cobblestone streets lined with shops. At moments, we felt like we had whisked away to France between everyone speaking French and the beautiful architecture surrounding us.

We snuck in a ghost tour, some golfing for Logan and cart riding for me and dining in amazing restaurants offering fresh mussels, cheeses and delicious French wines.

The streets were lined with street performers offering various entertainment and the shopping opportunities were affordable yet endless.

At the time, the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac had their own hotel mascot, Sandol, whom you could take for walks down the winding roads of the city.

We have such fond memories of our stay in Quebec City, but mainly of staying at that specific hotel. The city itself is rich with history, great French food and beautiful architecture but the Fairmont Frontenac truly made our experience unique.
How often do you get to go in the hot tub in a castle?

We will be back with the boys in the near future, Frontenac!

3 Trip Tips: 

  • Stay at the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac
  • There is a Cirque du Soleil school in Quebec City and we were lucky enough to catch a free live show on the streets of Quebec! Although they are infrequent, be sure to check the Events Calendar of the school
  • Go mussel tasting: if you love seafood/mussels, some of the restaurants in this city have the best to offer yet

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