The Russell

Nashville, TN

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The Hotel: From the outside looking in, The Russell is in a hipster neighborhood called East Nashville that provides views of historic sights of homes, churches and renovated buildings now housing some of Nashville’s best restaurants. And this revitalized church still boasts many of its “churchy” elements, from preserved stained glass windows to alter pews for seating. Before you enter the building, you can immediately see the heart behind the hotel, as it proudly displays its charity partners and ways that the hotel has helped make a difference at its entry.

Upon entry, their quirky, bright-colored decor is welcoming and their main wall boasts a flag in conjunction with their greatest mission, “But the Greatest of These is Charity”. Once you can peel your eyes away from all of the inviting decor, The Russell invites guests to take a selfie in their selfie booth, a station that shortly thereafter emails you a copy of your fun pic to forever cherish.

The rooms at The Russell are equal parts quirky as they are inviting and our headboard in Room 2:8 was a revived, old church pew. Exposed beams, refinished walls showing their original condition and church-inspired mirrors donned our bedroom and bathroom and we both felt that The Russellwas one of the most fun hotels we’ve ever experienced.

While the location of The Russell was super convenient to walking the streets of East Nashville or hopping in an Uber to trek around touristy areas such as 12 South, The Gulch, Broadway or Music Row, every afternoon and night highlighted the ability to swing back into The Russell for a quick break or a great night’s sleep, knowing that our overnight was helping to make a difference in the local Nashville community.

And Do Good: In conjunction with their sister property, 506 LoftsThe Russell has been able to give over $30,000/year to homeless ministries in Nashville. An average weekend stay at The Russell provides one of the following options for the local homeless community: 16 nights in a bed, 10 free showers or 30 free meals. One of the amazing organizations that The Russell proudly supports is ShowerUp, a mobile van providing homeless individuals in the area to take showers without any cost to them.

Trek Tips: If you are booking a stay at The Russell and trekking to Nashville for the first time, we recommend the following must-do activities while in Music City:

  • Experience the Grand Ole Opry: we didn’t have plans to visit the Opry but decided last minute to get tickets. The history behind the Opry is amazing and the variety show is a must-do when in town.
  • Walk around 12 South: we thought The Gulch would be the area where we would spend the most time, but 12 South ended up being our favorite touristy area of Nashville. From local boutiques shoppes to mom-and-pop bakeries, 12 South is a great way to spend a beautiful afternoon.
  • Experience Blueprint Church: if you’re visiting on a Sunday, consider popping in to Blueprint Church, an urban church with a pastor and mission on fire with sharing about Jesus
  • Our biggest must-do in East Nashville: The area that The Russell is located in, East Nashville, was our favorite area of the city. Experience some of the best food we’ve had, from egg-stuffed sweet potatoes at Marche Artisan Baked Goods to amazing pizza at Five Points Pizza. 

Oh, The Russell, you stole our hearts and we love the heart behind your hotel. If you’re ever visiting the Music City, go and do good in Nashville. 

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