How We Work Remotely: XEBEC

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When we decided to move to Madrid, Spain, we knew we’d need a new desk setup for my husband and I. After my husband settled into spending the last three years working remotely at our farmhouse in South Carolina, he knew what worked and what didn’t. He really wanted a remote office setup here in Spain that allowed him to have multiple screens, a lifted keyboard and the ability to charge on the go. When we found XEBEC, we were hooked!

We have the Tri-Screen 2, which instantly added two monitors to my husband’s laptop. Working in IT, this is super helpful to him to have multiple pages open at one time. When he left his corporate America job to serve in Spain, he was given a very old HP laptop to use. We were so thrilled to see that the Tri-Screen 2 worked with any laptop as it promised. He could instantly set it up without issues and within moments of unpackaging he was up and running with multiple screens.

The biggest perk that drew us to XEBEC is how lightweight the product is which is ideal for a travel family’s lifestyle. When we moved from the US to Spain, we only brought four luggage bags for one year! Knowing we needed to pack smart, one of the items we were not willing to leave behind was the XEBEC. Weighing only two pounds, we could easily fit it into our suitcase and know that we had a great computer system waiting for us when we landed in Spain.

If you’ve been on the fence about the XEBEC, it’s worth the splurge! For anyone working remotely or wanting additional screens for their work, we cannot recommend this product enough. Besides the portable laptop station, we also love the AirStand and PowerBank products from XEBEC, keeping us comfortable and charged on the go.

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