Mallorca with Kids: A Mediterranean Paradise

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What a great long weekend we had in Mallorca, Spain! This was our first dip into the Mediterranean, and now we’re spoiled. If the water doesn’t look like that sea, we don’t wait it 😉 Now living in Madrid, we wanted to utilize a day off that the bros had for a little weekend getaway. After securing an amazing deal of only $250 for four airline tickets to Mallorca from Madrid, we decided to make our way back to our beloved Spanish beaches. We had spent a summer in Tenerife, falling in love with Spain, and then ultimately deciding to call Spain home. Mallorca, too, did not at all disappoint!

When to Go

Visiting Mallorca during the off-season, late fall and winter, is ideal. From what I hear, the other seasons are very busy there filled with tourists and long waits. We love traveling at times when other travelers don’t, so we loved visiting Mallorca in November. The weather was ideal: warm temperatures during the day for sea swimming and cool evenings with a sweater. It is important to know that many shoppes and restaurants will be closed due to the off-season break and we did not see many hotels open. Be sure to plan in advance and accordingly when visiting in November. We were still able to easily secure a rental car in the off-season.

Where to Stay

We didn’t know what area of the island to choose for our stay and also didn’t know if a hotel or Airbnb was best, but we discovered an Airbnb with an ideal location in the southeast area. Rotonda Apartments, located in a cozy and quiet area of Cala d’Or, were exactly what we needed for this weekend getaway. The whitewashed exterior with beautiful brown shutters and palm trees fit the Mallorca vibe and you could immediately tell from the outside that they were well-maintained and ideal for families.

Since we visited in the off-season, we didn’t use the pool, but Rotonda Apartments did offer a supply of beach and pool toys for children to use which kept our bros entertained. With two seperate bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a living area, we had all of the space that we needed. One of the best features was the patio windows and doors opening, allowing nighttime area to come in and help soothe us to sleep. November really was a perfect time to visit as we didn’t need the air conditioning or heat unit on for comfort. We cooked at home most nights and enjoyed the fully-stocked kitchen and bedrooms with linens, making it easy to call Rotonda Apartments home for the weekend.

Where to Stop

We were water chasers all weekend, looking for the sea! Our favorite stop was Cala d’Egos, not far from our apartment in Cala d’Or. This simple beach with amazing water was completely empty besides our family all weekend, so we felt like we opened our own piece in paradise. We also really enjoyed Calo del Moro, also in Cala d’Or, which had dramatic cliffs and some of the most beautiful views of the sea we have ever seen. There were some other lookout points worth visiting in Cala d’Or to get great views of the sea, but these were our two favorites for sure. We spent most of our time at Cala d’Egos which became what is now our favorite beach ever.

Besides the beach, Mallorca has a ton to offer! We loved the small nearby downtown area of Cala d’Or near the apartment. This simple, no frills town had a beautiful row of shoppes and restaurants, even though many were closed for winter. We still managed to find an open cafe for a cafe con lethe and a pastry. We also really adored a long town of Santanyi. This small town had bright colored shutters on buildings and beautiful restaurants for outside dining. We enjoyed our longest and most expensive meal there and highly recommend walking the streets there.

We also spent some time in downtown Palma which is absolutely necessary when visiting. Palma offers a beautiful cathedral that is hard to put into words. Besides the stunning cathedral, the streets of Palma were some of my most favorite ever. With bright yellows, pinks and blues, the houses and shoppes in Palma were so adorable. We spent hours walking the cobblestone streets in Palma and falling in love with the architecture there.

Where to Eat

Although we ate most of our meals at the convenience of having a kitchen at Rotonda Apartments, we did enjoy two meals out together. The first was in Santanyi at Restaurant Alchemy. This outdoor, terrace dining with incredible views was a memorable meal for us. We enjoyed tapas and beer outside, talking about our trip so far and what we enjoyed about Mallorca. It had great food and a wonderful atmosphere. Our other big outing was to a restaurant and bar in Cala d’Or called To-Do Restaurant. This beautifully-designed bar was a local gem and we had some snacks and cocktails there, ending our last day adventuring in Mallorca.

We fell in love with Mallorca and we really hope to be back. Such a beautiful island!

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