Six Months Living Abroad

It’s hard to believe that it has been six months since we moved to Madrid, Spain! I have less “pinch me” moments now and honestly, it’s beginning to just feel like our norm. I had an emotional moment this past week, though, as I met with other expat moms at a local Tres Cantos park for an Easter egg hunt. I always dreamed of being one of those moms, living aboard finding a community there. And I wasn’t just thinking about it anymore – I was living it out! It’s incredible to watch something that you’ve prayed for happen. To see the joy that Logan and the bros have here, too, fills my cup!

What’s next for our family? We are so busy planning, praying and prepping for more time in Spain. The bros are finishing out the school year strong, not heading into the third trimester. I am finishing my last few months serving at their school, too. It’s been hard, transitioning from stay-at-home mom life to working at a school on a set schedule, but I know this volunteer opportunity is what got us to Spain. We also love the bros’ sweet school and administration and we are in awe of their incredible teachers – it’s been such a good first experience living abroad.

Besides finishing out the school year, Logan’s new IT consultant job, a U.S. company that he owns, is deep into a one-year contract with a UK company. He’s loving it and I’m so proud of him for the work he’s doing. We are really enjoying being small business owners, with us running three businesses for our family. From my husband’s IT consulting business to my travel writing and now us renting a home/acting as an international property manager, we have been super busy in a good way.

Which leads us to our hottest topic: taxes. We have been working through what paying both U.S. and Spain taxes will look like. We have hired professionals on both ends to help us pay as little as possible and we’re so grateful for our awesome team. The fact that Logan is paid in GBP makes it even more interesting. This is the global lifestyle I prayed for without doubt!

Our farmhouse has been rented round two! We are so thrilled to have found the next round of renters, moving in this May on a one year contract. So this means, two school years in Spain it is for the James family! As a family, we plan to reassess and decide each late fall/winter and make plans for the next school year. Our bros know that moving back to the U.S. is always an option and we will forever have our beloved farmhouse. But so far, all four James family members are all in on Spain and ready for the experience to continue on!

One exciting update is that we are considering a move in Spain for next year to Malaga. While this is not official and we’re in the early stages, I’m an over sharer 😉 There’s a lot about Madrid that we really love but we do know regardless we’ll be ready to move from our tiny apartment there. And so, if we can move to rent a little casita by la playa in Malaga at the same cost or less, we’d be all in. We’ll be touring a British Christian school there this spring.

We’re grateful for this opportunity knowing that living six months in Spain is the dream of so many. We also believe that the Lord has us right here with intentionally, so here we will stay for now.

Listos para seis mas meses in Espana!

(Pictures from a recent trip to Toledo, Spain)


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