Semana Santa in San Sebastián

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We had the best Semana Santa in San Sebastián! We have always wanted to visit the area of Spain once we learned about how beautiful it is and the amazing selection of food there. From our home base in Madrid, this was only a four-and-a-half hour drive. Roadtrips in Spain are much more fun as we experience so many new to us views! This drive in late March even came with some unexpected snow, an obstacle that we overcame but we were surprised to experience.

FeelFree Rentals

When I was looking for a vacation rental for the long weekend, I discovered the awesome properties of FeelFree Rentals. These apartments are modern, comfortable and in some of the best locations in San Sebastián. We stayed at the Luna apartment and loved the location – steps away from the local beach. We also had a Murphy bed along with two bedrooms that worked out perfectly for our family of four. The rental was well thought out and fully-equipped with any item that we would need for a short stay. We would definitely recommend a stay at one of these properties.

Bar Nestor

We had heard of the famous local bar, Bar Nestor, known for its “holy trinity”: a T-bone steak, peppers and a tomato salad. Known to be one of the best dishes in San Sebastián, lines form hours leading up to opening time and throughout the day, rain or shine. I tried the second day when we arrived to wait in line for a spot to dine but it was fully reserved and not possible. For our special Easter meal, I decided despite a rainy weather day to wait in line again. This time, we arrived one hour+ in advance, around 12:00pm, for an opening at 1:00pm. I was the 5th family in line at that point and didn’t know what to expect. The staff member on my turn informed me that to get a place we’d need to order some of their potato tortilla. I let him know that it was no issue and that we had a family of four: two adults and two kids. I also let him know we planned to order their famous T-bone steak to share.

We were given a time of 12:45 to return and what an experience we had! There is only one table at Bar Nestor, named Mesa 19, and we, along two other diners, were offered seats at the table. It was such a thrill! Course after course came out and they all exceeded our expectations. From the delicious tortilla to the salty tomatoes and peppers, we anxiously awaited to receive the T-bone steak. It was more delicious than we could have imagined and the dining experience was one of our most special experiences yet. We highly recommend Bar Nestor!

Pintxos and more Pintxos

A new word to us, “pintxos” or “pinchos” in Spanish, refer to small, gourmet appetizers prepared in advance making for the perfect lunch along with a beer. Almost every restaurant in San Sebastián offered these pintxos. We had the ability to have some incredible meals, including at restaurant 1813 and Ganbara. At 1813, it was dinnertime so we had some heavier entrees, including a whole fish for Griffin. At Ganbara, we tried a bunch of pintxos including roasted shrimp, Bavarian sausage, and fried asparagus. It’s such a fun atmosphere, dining out in San Sebastián!

Monte Urgell Hike

We highly recommend families with kids (and all travelers) to choose the Monte Urgell Hike. Walking towards the large statue of Jesus on the hill, you can’t miss the entrance to the Monte Urgell access point. About a 1.5 mile walk up a windy hill led us to the top of the hill with incredible views. This was my most favorite place to take a family picture while in San Sebastián. You do not need to be in outdoor or hiking gear to enjoy this walk.

Playa Zurriola

One of the best ways to enjoy a break in the rain at San Sebastián is celebrating through playing some beach soccer. Our favorite local playa near our rental was Playa Zurriola, a beautiful beach with wide open sand spaces great for playing. After an afternoon at the beach, enjoy some natural ice cream at Pozzettis, our favorite place to grab some fruit-infused ice cream.

We had a great long weekend in San Sebastián and highly recommend visiting it. Honorable mentions not listed here are Agas Empanadas for great homemade empanadas for a quick meal and Mala Gissona for a great chicken caesar salad and brownie. Be sure to walk up and down the beautiful Calle de Agosto 31, filled with great shoppes and bars. Thanks for the great visit, San Sebastián!

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